Doran Motorsports Group is a group dedicated to the spirit of motorsport and the tradition of success. With our roots based in the high levels of karting, we understand, better than most, the desire of many young drivers to rise through the motorsports ladder. The transition from karts to cars is surely the largest step in this ladder and our aim is to incorporate this step into your racing career as seamlessly as possible.

In 2018, DMG expanded its motorsport program to include its first step into open wheel racing: the Ligier JS F4. The the goal in mind of providing a step from karts to cars, we saw no better platform to invest in than the F4, as it provides a productive and affordable platform for drivers to further their motorsports career into open-wheel racing. DMG is also moving forward with plans of F3, which should unfold as the 2019 season progresses.

While relatively untrodden in the world of open wheel car racing, DMG employs a formula inherent to the importance of professionalism, vehicle dynamics and motorsports principles, and driver development; the formula is paramount to the program and we have confidence in its ability to yield desirable results.